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Dish Brush - Replacement Head

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This replacement head is made for the Zero Waste Dish Brush. 

The bristles of this brush head are made of sisal, an especially strong fibre extracted from a Mexican plant of the agave family. 

This brush is a durable, zero waste option for cleaning your kitchen and/or bathroom. 


Product Datasheet

  • Utilization: Kitchen and/or bathroom  
  • Material: Natural wood and sisal 
  • Dimensions: 2.4'' diameter
  • Colour: Natural wood
  • Specifications:
    • Replacement head for zero waste scrub brush
    • Zero plastic
    • Zero packaging 
    • Compostable 
  • Other: Contains a replacement brush (one head). 


Use and Care 

To avoid damaging the natural wood, it is recommended to not soak the brush in water for long periods of time.  After use, rinse the bristles of the head and hang your brush to dry naturally.


When your brush is no longer useful, you can compost it or even burn it. All metal parts can be recycled.