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Zero Waste Cotton Swabs

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We are pleased to introduce you to your last cotton swab duo!  

Presented in their bamboo box, these two cotton swabs made of bamboo and silicone represent a nice alternative to the traditional cotton and plastic swabs.  You will be surprised by their efficiency and how easy they are to use.  

 Zero waste, reusable and economical; change your routine.

  • A bamboo box
  • A textured cotton swab
  • A smooth cotton swab, which can also be used for makeup
  • Washable & reusable over 1000 times
  • Pleasant to use
  • Resistant
  • Partly compostable, partly recyclable
  • Proudly package-free


 USE & CARE   

Use your new cotton swab duo as you have always used them! Instead of throwing them away after use, wash them with soap and water, dry them and store them in their bamboo box.   

Customer Reviews

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Mélia Pontet
Awesome swap !

What an amazing and easy swap to make. Will strongly recommend !