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Washable Training Pants (x2)

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This set of two training pants is an excellent asset in your child's potty training experience while offering an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable training pants.

The outer cover of the diaper, like cloth diapers, is perfectly waterproof and made of PUL to allow for easy moisture wicking. The inner side of the panty is 100% cotton, with two layers of microfibre absorption that will keep your child's bottom dry in case of a little accident. 


Product Datasheet

  • Utilization: Potty training
  • Size: One size: will fit a child from 18 to 28 lbs.
  • Dimensions: Height 7''; Leg opening 4'; unstretched elastic waistband 6" 
  • Composition: Inner fabric 100% cotton; absorption layer 100% microfibre
  • Exterior coating 100% PUL
  • Quantity: 2 training pants​​​​​​​


Use and Care

Dress your child in their protective underpants. The training pants are washable on a 60° cycle. In order to preserve the absorption capacity of the underpants, it is recommended to not use fabric softener to avoid clogging the fabric. They can be dried in the dryer but should not be ironed to avoid damaging the waterproof material.