I tried … the zero waste cotton swabs

I was contacted by Greensponsable after purchasing their washable cotton swabs to give my feedback on this product.

JI would like to mention that I was not paid, nor did I receive anything in return. So my review is completely honest. I just wanted to share my experience and maybe help people who may be reluctant to try new things.

After two months of use, I can tell you about my experience!

I’ve been trying to be a responsible consumer for a few years now, I try to maximize my selective sorting by looking for zero waste products and trying to buy local products … even if I must admit, sometimes I’m not the most on the ball. It is sometimes difficult for me to change my habits completely. That’s why I try to modify my daily life a little at a time, without disrupting it too much.  

To do this, I select small products (these are my favourite purchases) to change a few things without going too far out of my comfort zone.

After seeing the Greensponsable Zero Waste Cotton Swabs on my Facebook feed several times, I decided to make this small purchase. At first, I was a bit skeptical about switching from the standard cotton swabs I’ve always used to bamboo and silicone swabs.

But then … for the price and the space they take, I was tempted by this new experience.

I only had one main hesitation which was the concern that a silicone substitute might not provide the same clean feeling that cotton does. I’m not going to lie to you, my reluctance was justified! It took me at least a week to get used to the comfort of silicone. Then again, I’ve been using the same cotton Q-tips for 30 years. So, taking five days to change a 30-year-old habit isn’t too bad.

I use these zero waste cotton swabs after my shower to clean my ears. When I’m done, I wash them in warm water with a little soap and put them away in their case. A word of caution, be careful to choose the two-sided textured tips for your ears. The first time, with my brain not yet fully awake, I chose the wrong one…

As for the second swab, I use it less often, but I sometimes use it to fix my mascara mishaps. I simply moisten the tips a bit and they do a good job of fixing the issue.

Overall, I’m super happy with this product; it was rather easy to switch from disposable to reusable cotton swabs. I find the silicone super soft in the ears, easy to clean, and I highly recommend it to people who want to make a small difference in their everyday life.

I hope my review will help you make the switch!

PS :

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